PST-60HL-4 Plate Shaker-Thermostat

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Plate Thermo–Shakers are designed for shaking and thermostating 4 standard 96–well microplates.
A multisystem principle, used in design of the Thermo–Shaker, allows operating it as 3 independent devices:

Microplate shaker;

A distinctive feature of Biosan Plate Thermo–Shakers is the patented by the company Two–Side Microplates Heating, which allows to achieve full correspondence of the set and actual temperature in the microplate wells.
Thermo-shaker provides heating up to 60°C, which is sufficient for carrying out ELISA tests.
Plate Shaker–Thermostat provides:

Soft or intensive sample shaking
Rotation speed regulation, stabilization and indication
Even rotation amplitude throughout the Thermo-Shaker platform
Required operation time setting and indication
Automatic stopping of the platform movement after expiration of the set time
Setting and indication of the required temperature on the platform
Automatic fault diagnostics (temperature sensor, platform heating, lid heating etc.)
Spring clamps

Application fields:

Сytochemistry — for in situ reactions
Immunochemistry — for immunofermentative reactions
Biochemistry — for enzyme and protein analysis
Molecular biology — for micro array analysis

Temperature Calibration Function
With the help of the temperature calibration function the user can calibrate the unit approx. ±6% of the selected temperature to compensate differences in the thermal behaviour of plates from different manufacturers.

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Temperature setting range
+25°C … +60°C

Temperature control range
+5°C above ambient… +60°C

Temperature setting resolution

Temperature stability

Temperature uniformity at +37°C

Temperature calibration coefficient range
0.936…1.063 (± 0.063)

Patented two–side microplate heating

Speed control range
250–1200 rpm (increment 10 rpm)

Digital time setting
1 min–96 hrs / non–stop (increment 1 min)

Timer sound signal

2 mm

LCD, 16 x 2 signs

Maximum continuous operation time
168 h

Max. height of microtest plate
18 mm

Number of microtest plates

Platform dimensions (w x d)
290 x 210 mm

Overall dimensions (W×D×H)
380 x 390 x 140 mm

8.8 kg

Input current/power consumption
12 V DC, 4.15 A / 50 W

External power supply
Input AC 100–240 V; 50/60 Hz; Output DC 12 V

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