Optima™ series Stirred Thermostatic Baths and Heating Circulators

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A cost-effective range of multi-purpose systems combining Grant’s legendary quality and reliability. Precise temperature control for a wide range of laboratory applications.

Accurate and safe temperature control – for samples and users
Intuitive programming and thoughtful design features – makes working with Grant stirred baths and circulators easy
Robust, durable construction – for longevity, reliability and long-term low cost of ownership
A complete range – 32 models to cover basic through to sophisticated needs, each model represents excellent value for money


Grant stirred baths and circulators provide a source of precision heating and cooling for many routine and sensitive analytical procedures including sample incubation, calibration and quality control testing. All models from the TC120 upwards are suitable for use as both open and closed loop circulators (i.e. remote vessel open or closed). For more powerful heating requirements, i.e. above 200°C, contact Grant for advice.
Model selection:

Any of the four Grant Optima™ digital thermostats can be combined with any of eight Grant tanks (five stainless steel and three plastic) to provide a choice of 32 models.

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