TS-100C Smart Thermo-Shaker with cooling for microtubes and PCR plates

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Thermo–Shaker TS-100C Smart provides intensive mixing and temperature control of samples in microtest tubes or PCR plate. This model of Thermo–Shaker differs from TS-100 with a possibility of cooling samples down to +4°C and with control up to 7 units from PC via Bluetooth® technology. Features of TS-100C Smart meet the highest expectations of users according to many parameters:

Fast reaching of specified mixing speed and maintenance of equal amplitude of rotation throughout the Thermo–Shaker block;
Stability of maintaining the preset temperature in a wide range throughout the Thermo–Shaker’s block surface;
LCD display indicates preset and current values of temperature, speed and time of operation;
Quiet motor operation, compact size, prolonged service life.

Functions of heating and mixing can be performed both simultaneously and independently.
There are five heating and cooling blocks available, including a block with a plastic lid for the PCR-plates. All blocks are mutually interchangeable and can be easily installed on Thermo–Shaker.
The instrument is applicable in:

Genetic analysis — in extraction of DNA, RNA and further sample preparation;
Biochemical study of enzymatic reactions and processes;
Extraction of metabolites from cellular material.

Temperature Calibration Function

With the help of the temperature calibration function the user can calibrate the unit approx. ±6% of the selected temperature to compensate differences in the thermal behaviour of tubes from different manufacturers.
TS-100C Smart software features

Rotation speed
Sound signal
Creating Profiling programs using controlled parameters
Visualization of temperature vs time and speed vs time graphs
Data export to Excel and CSV formats
Error messages/Fault diagnostics

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Temperature setting range
+4°C … +100°C

Temperature control range
15°C below ambient … +100°C

Temperature setting resolution

Temperature stability

Temperature accuracy at +37°C

Average heating speed from +25°C to +100°C

Average cooling speed from +100°C to +25°C

Average cooling speed from +25°C to +4°C

Temperature uniformity over the block at +4°C

Temperature uniformity over the block at +37°C

Temperature uniformity over the block at +100°C

Temperature calibration coefficient range
0.936…1.063 (± 0.063)

Speed control range
250–1400 rpm

Digital time setting
1 min–96 hrs / non–stop (increment 1 min)

Timer sound signal

2 mm

LCD, 16 x 2 signs

Microprocessor controlled temperature, mixing speed and operation time

Maximum continuous operation time
168 h

PC system requirements
Intel/AMD Processor, 1 GB RAM, Windows Vista/7/8/8.1/10/11, USB, Bluetooth

Overall dimensions (W×D×H)
220x240x90 mm

3.7 kg

Input current/power consumption
12 V, 4.9 A / 60 W

External power supply
Input AC 100–240 V; 50/60 Hz; Output DC 12 V

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