Optima™ R series Refrigerated thermostatic Baths and Circulators

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The Grant R refrigerated bath and circulator range provides outstanding performance for routine and sophisticated applications requiring accurate temperature control in the range of -30 to 100°C. A choice of 4 heating circulators combined with a powerful R refrigeration unit offers a cost-effective and efficient solution for low temperature applications.
The Grant R4R, which can be combined with any of our T100, TC120, TX150 or TXF200 heating circulators, offer a number of features:

Stability of up to ±0.1°C
Up to 3 years warranty
No spill valved front drain
3 preset programs
Large 20 litre tank and accessible bath for immersion of samples
Environmentally friendly refrigerant
Robust construction
900W of cooling power
Built in Britain
Range of accessory hosing, connectors, software, additional pump and temperature probes available

Note: The refrigeration unit can be switched off independently of the heating circulator to allow heating only applications. All the refrigeration base units can be used up to a maximum temperature of 100°C.

Alternatively, Grant RC series of recirculating chillers (closed circulators) can be used. These are generally needed for more powerful cooling requirements, e.g. the removal of mechanical or electrical heat produced in apparatus or machinery. Please contact marketing@biosan.lv for advice.
Choosing a refrigerated bath and circulator from:

The T100 + R4R series with digital control, 0° to 100°C
The TC120 + R4R series with digital control and integral pump, –25° to 100°C
The TX150 + R4R series with digital control, integral pump and enhanced programming features, –30° to 100°C
The TXF200 + R4R series with digital control, enhanced integral pump and sophisticated programming features, –30° to 100°C

We recommend the following liquids for use with refrigerated thermostatic baths and circulators:

–50 to 50°C: Silicone oil — low viscosity

(Bayer silicone M3)
–30 to 30°C: 50% water 50% antifreeze

(inhibited ethylene glycol)
0 to 30°C: 80% water 20% antifreeze

(inhibited ethylene glycol)
5 to 99.9°C: Water

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