LSB Aqua Pro range Linear shaking bath

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The Grant LSB linear shaking bath combines Grant’s high precision temperature control with a robust, high quality, patented linear shaking mechanism that works smoothly and consistently even in demanding applications.
High quality, robust design with unique magnetically coupled shaking mechanism for maximum reliability, consistency and quiet operation.
Linear only shaking excellent usuablilty for all routine applications.
Extensive range of accessories to provide the right solution for your application. Varied vessels types can be securely held using high quality, springs, clamps or racks

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Minimum working volume
5 of 12 litres
8 of 18 litres

Minimum working depth
60 mm

Temperature range
ambient +5 to 99°C

Uniformity (DIN 12876-3) @ 70°C

Stability (DIN 12876-3) @ 70°C

Temperature setting / display
digital / 3-digit LED

Linear — Shaking speed control range
20 to 200* rpm
*depending on load

Linear — Stroke length
20 mm

1 to 999 mins

Drain tap

over-temperature protection / low liquid cut-out

Shaking tray area
240 x 235 mm
420 x 235 mm

Overall dimensions (W×D×H)
360 x 385 x 425 mm
335 x 565 x 425 mm

Overall consumption
0.8 kW
1.4 kW

Nominal operating voltage
120 or 230 V

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