LMC-4200R Laboratory Refrigerated Centrifuge

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Laboratory bench-top centrifuge with refrigeration LMC-4200R provides temperature control of biomaterial during centrifugation. Temperature control of the so-called “cold-shelf” is a gold standard for enzymologists and cell biologists because it ensures conditions necessary for reproducibility of the sample preparation stage. Temperature control absence at this stage can cause unpredictable results.
LMC-4200R is a modern centrifuge designed for operation with microtest plates, gel cards and tubes from 10 to 50 ml.

Soft start and run-down of the rotor;
Efficient rate of chamber refrigeration: under 10 min;
Maintenance of stable temperature during operation;
User-friendly setting of centrifugation parameters (speed, temperature, time) and simultaneous display of both set and actual values;
Safe operation is provided by a metal protection chamber and a case cover, automatic stop at imbalance (emergency shutdown,  “IMBALANCE” displayed) and a lock keeping the lid closed while the centrifuge is running.
Rotor selection;
Setting rotor speed in RPM or RCF;
Multiple acceleration (Slow, Normal, Fast) and deceleration (0, Slow, Normal, Fast) modes and possibility to switch off forced braking;
Low noise level;
Wide choice of accessory rotors.

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Temperature control range
–10°C … +25°C

Stable temperature maintenance range
25°C below ambient … to +25°C

Temperature setting resolution

Speed regulation range for centrifuge tubes
100–4200 rpm
(3160 × g)

Speed regulation range for microtitre plates
100-2000 rpm
(560 × g)

Speed setting resolution
100 rpm

Digital time setting
1 – 90 min (increment 1 min)

Timer sound signal

Rotor imbalance diagnostics (automatic stop, “IMBALANCE” warning)

LCD, 2 lines

Chamber diameter
360 mm

Overall dimensions (W×D×H)
635x580x335 mm

56 kg

Nominal operating voltage
230 V, 50 Hz

Power consumption (230V / 120 V)
990 W (4.3 A) / –

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