Filter Pipette Tips, Racked, 1000 μL, 96 pcs

310 000 UZS

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The pipette tip is made of imported PP material, excellent workmanship without bending; Special treated inner smooth wall can effectively avoid liquid hanging on the wall, so as to reduce the samples lost or save precious reagents. It can effectively avoid the problems of poor linearity, low response or concentration change caused by adsorption.

These low retention tips have the following advantages: reduce sample residue → improve experiment accuracy → improve sample recovery! (Notes: low retention tip is particularly important in protein and nucleic acid research and application!)

Main Parameters
Tip material: PP
Tip length:78mm
Compatibility: Eppendorf, Thermo, Brand, Gilson, Rainin, D-lab etc.
Certificate: CE, FDA, UKCA, etc.
Other information: Sterilize, DNase & RNase free, Pyrogen free (endotoxin free)
Batch No: See outside carton packing

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