CPS-20 CO2 Shaker

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CO2 Shaker CPS-20 provides regulated orbital motion of the platform and is designed for use specifically in CO2 incubators. CPS-20 is specifically designed for use in harsh environments such as CO2 and humidity and provides reproducible results for cell culture growth. A choice of 5 interchangeable platforms provides the possibility of performing various procedures and techniques in various cultivation vessels. The specially designed remote controller allows for protection of electronics from CO2 incubator environment, as well as, does not interfere with the experiment.
Shaker CPS-20 incorporates a brushless motor with a guaranteed service life up to 35,000 hours. The unit is equipped with a triple eccentric mechanism for platform motion that provides supreme balancing characteristics, superior reliability and quiet operation. Typical applications include eukaryotic cells cultivation.

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Speed control range
50 – 250* RPM (increment 10 rpm) *max. speed depends on the load and vessels’ shape

Digital time setting
1 min–96 hrs / non–stop (increment 1 min)

Digital speed control

Maximum continuous operation time
168 h

20 mm

Maximum load
3 kg

Overall dimensions (W×D×H)
255x255x100 mm

3.4 kg

Input current/power consumption
12 V, 470 mA / 5.7 W

External power supply
Input AC 100–240 V; 50/60 Hz; Output DC 12 V

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