Assist pipette series

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The Assist series pipettes are single or 8, 12 channel variable volume pipettes designed to measure and transfer volumes from 0.1 μl to 10000 μl depending on the model.
Multichannel pipettes are produced in four ranges of volumes: 0.5-10 μl, 5-50 μl, 20-200 μl, 50-300 μl.
The pipettes are equipped with a analog counter which shows the pipetting volume. The volume setting is done by turning the pipetting pushbutton knob or the black adjustment knob in the right direction. The volume range is shown on the pipetting pushbutton.

Contoured shape of the handle and light weight
Proven accuracy and precision
UV resistant & fully autoclavable
5 & 10 ml shaft protected by filter
Available in 8- & 12-channel version
Colour coded for easy volume identification
The adjustable ejector height system – to accommodate virtually all brands of tips
Dual volume setting using the pushbutton or the thumbwheel
Soft spring system for smooth, effortless pipetting

Common pipettes usage depending on the volume:

2 – 10 μl 

Measurement and transfer of microvolumes, DNA sequencing and enzyme assay applications.
10 – 1000 μl

Measurement and transfer of general aqueous solution, acids and bases.
5000 – 10000 μl

Measurement and transfer of large volumes.

Pipette – Max. volume
AP2 – 2μl

AP10 – 10μl

AP20 – 20μl

AP50 – 50μl

AP100 – 100μl

AP200 – 200μl

AP250 – 250μl

AP1000 – 1000μl

AP5000 – 5000μl

AP10000 – 10000μl

8 ch Pipette – Max. volume

AP8-10 – 8 x 10μl

AP8-50 – 8 x 50μl

AP8-200 – 8 x 200μl

AP8-300 – 8 x 300μl

12 ch Pipette – Max. volume

AP12-10 – 12 x 10μl

AP12-50 – 12 x 50μl

AP12-200 – 12 x 200μl

AP12-300 – 12 x 300μl

Pipette sets

AP10, AP20, AP200, AP1000

AP10, AP100, AP1000, AP5000

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